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The Den International Bar
The Den is one of Asahikawa's original International Bars. Featuring a sensational beer menu, a host of international food, and a large screen projector for sporting events, it is a great place to spend a few evenings when in Asahikawa. The relatively large floor space (by Japanese standards) allows comfort of dining and drinking and features an Australian pub-sized pool table.

If you are lucky enough, you will catch The Den on one of the nights featuring a live local (or near local) band or DJ. In recent times the Den has hosted Reggae, Rock, Punk, Latin Jazz and a few obscurities thrown into the mix for good measure.

Given the right time of year, you'll be able to get involved in things like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Australia Day, Canada Day, U.S. Independence Day, Cinco De Maio, Valentine's Day, Den Beer Olympics, the Beach Party, snow season opening party, Den Bowling Night, as well as the odd birthday party or random event. There is always something happening.

A real bonus for tourists is that the Den is located in the centre of the nightlife district in the city, making it very easy to find from any hotel or from the train station.

From the train station, walk up Kaimono Koen until you are about to reach the Okuno Department Store (2.5 blocks). At the minor intersection just before Okuno, take a left. Walk down to about the middle, you will pass a small hotel on your left side.Just look for the red and blue "Den" sign on the side of the street. The Den is on the 5th floor and is well worth visiting.

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   The Den International Bar

Asahikawa City
2-3 Jyo, 7 Chome
Yoshitake 2 Bld. 5th Floor
Telephone: (0166) 27 0999

Open: 5:30pm to 1:00am

Genre:Bar & Restaurant


from ¥1500

Seat Charge:    n/a

Required for large groups

English & Japanese

Credit cards:   OK


Distance from JR Asahikawa Station:  5 min. walk


Guiness On-TAP at the Den

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