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Autumn Events Calendar
  Horokanai Shin-Soba Matsuri
(Buckwheat harvest festival)
  Kurashi Tanoshiku Festival
(Harvest festival)
  Kabocha Matsuri
(Pumpkin festival)
  Nakafurano Jinjya Reitaisai
(Shrine festival)
  Tonden Furusato Matsuri
(Local harvest festival)
  Sky Festival in Monbetsu (Monbetsu)
  Kinoko no Sato Festival
(Mushroom festival)
  Cosmos Flower Festa
  Sango so Matsuri
(Common Glasswort festival)

Furano Wine&Grape Matsuri


Kotan Matsuri
(Traditional Ainu festival)

  Kouyou Onsen Campaign
(Autumn color in hot springs)

Autumn Festa in Tokachigawa

  Akiaji Matsuri
(Salmon festival)
  Biei Century Ride (Biei)
  Shinmai Shinsoba Matsuri
(Rice and buckwheat harvest festival)
  Monbetsu Gourmet Matsuri (Monbetsu)
  Kitami Kiku Matsuri
(Daisy festival)
  Jumbo Kabocha Sai
(Pumpkin festival)
Oktoberfest (Kitami)
Minorino Aki Shukakusai
(Harvest festival)


  Asahiyama Zoo Opens for winter (Asahikawa)
  Otaru Long Christmas


  Munich Christmas Market in Sapporo (Sapporo)

Autumn Foliage
  Time from Asahikawa   Ideal
Viewing Time
Sounkyo Area
Mid to the end of Sept

Sounkyo Area
Mid to the end of Sept

Mikuni Toge
Sounkyo Area
Start of October

Lake Shumarinai
Horokanai Area
Start of October
Sounkyo Area
Start of October
Biei Area
Start of October
Kamui Kotan
Asahikawa Area
Start to mid-October
Higashikawa Area
Start to mid-October

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   Autumn in Asahikawa

Autumn comes to Asahikawa a little by surprise. The nights suddenly start feeling more chilly (though the days can still be quite warm), and the wind blows in from the north making jackets essential. Mornings bring plenty of frost and slowly but surely the amazing colour transformation of the mountains begins.

With Asahikawa effectively surrounded by mountains and forests on all sides, you'll be able to see the beautiful autumn foliage no matter which direction the road takes you. Having said that, there are particular areas that just shouldn't  be missed.

Asahidake Onsen area with it's ropeway is a must in early to mid September, just before the arrival of the first snow.

Tenninkyo Onsen area (pictured above), is amazing with its rocky cliffs, dense forest, and the contrasting crystal blue water of the Chubetsu river.

If you are prepared to venture further away from the city, Sounkyo Onsen, Shirogane Onsen and Furano are great places to see all the magnificent colours of the Hokkaido Autumn.

Autumn here is truly spectacular and can be enjoyed from the middle of September up to mid to late October.

Art Hotels Asahikawa
Art Hotel Asahikawa

The Art Hotel Asahikawa counts amongst the finest hotel offerings in Northern Hokkaido. Experience comfort, great dining and exceptional service at an affordable price.

Situated close to the city centre and nightlife district, the AHA deserves to be regarded as one of the best choices for visitors to Asahikawa.

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Casa El Nino - Asahikawa
Casa El Nino
[Authentic Spanish Restaurant]

For a truly authentic Spanish experience, look no further than Casa El Nino.

Whether you're interested in ambience, food quality, variety, comfort, or value for money, you'll have no problem finding plenty to love about this restaurant. The food is simply outstanding.

The traditionally cured Spanish meats, tapas, paella (the squid-ink paella is AMAZING!), soups, and seafood are all exquisite and need to be tried. The menu is very broad, giving you multiple choices of meat, chicken, seafood, or salad dishes, while at the same time giving diners a chance to sample something perhaps less familiar.

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New Furano Prince Hotel
New Furano Prince Hotel

The New Furano Prince Hotel offers unsurpassed convenience for both winter and summer visitors to Furano. It's proximity to the Furano Ski Area, a host of spectacular dining options, and sensational hot- spring facilities all conspire to make the New Furano Prince Hotel the number one choice for Furano accommodation.

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